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TitleFruit salad algebra : a Fiji experience
AuthorPrasad, Kamlesh, Hathaway, Paul T.
SubjectAlgebra|Study and teaching (Secondary)|Fiji
AbstractAlgebra is frequently introduced with variables representing objects such as a for apples and b for bananas. The name ‘fruit salad algebra’ originates from this common introductory teaching strategy, which has been used for a long time by many teachers, both experienced and newly appointed, in an effort to foster the important real world links. There is strong evidence that traditional algebra leaves students confused. We, the teachers of algebra, need a change. Algebra must be introduced in a manner which will enhance student capability to build on their knowledge when more advanced topics are reached. In the Fiji context this means the textbook must surely be modified to cater for the new ideas in preference to the ‘fruit salad’ approach to the teaching of algebra.
Volume/YearDirections: Journal of Educational Studies no.31, vol.16, no.2, 1994
Collationp. 90-102 ;
Notes• Bibliography: p. 101-102.
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