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TitleFamilies matter : adults reading aloud to children in the home and its implications for language education
AuthorSpreadbury, Julie
Oral reading
Reading|Parent participation
AbstractThis study examined the complex three-way interactions that take place when a parent and child share a text. It endeavoured to tease out the particular variables in this interaction that facilitate the child’s later reading ability. As part of this, the study also investigated parent styles in such book reading episodes and how these changed from when the child was a dependent reader to when the child was an independent reader, i.e. the transition period from the end of the child’s preschool year to the end of the first year of primary school – a period neglected by researchers in early literacy.
Volume/YearDirections: Journal of Educational Studies no.32, vol.17, no.1, 1995
Collationp. 21-37 ;
Notes• Bibliography: p. 35-37.
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