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Errors of usage

Title: Mistakes and errors in students' writing

Author: Pene, Frances
Subject:  English language|Errors of usage
 English language|Rhetoric|Study and teaching
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies no.39, vol.20, no.2, 1998
Collation: p. 30-49 ;

Abstract: Grammatical accuracy in English is emphasised in the exam system in Fiji schools and consequently teachers devote much class time to it. This article reports on a piece of research which investigated the extent to which students can correct their own mistakes in the context of their own writing. The results show that nearly 50% of inaccuracies can be corrected after the teacher has indicated their location by underlining. The research hypothesis used Corder’s distinction between ‘mistakes’ and ‘errors’. However, the results indicate that this distinction is not as clear-cut as expected. The author proposes a third category of inaccuracy, a ‘toss-up’ category.

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