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Fiji College of Advanced Education

Title: Teacher education in an aid project : the case of the Fiji-Australia Teacher Education Project (FATEP)

Author: Nabobo-Baba, Unaisi
Subject:  Fiji College of Advanced Education
 Fiji-Australia Teacher Education Project
 Educational assistance, Australian|Fiji
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies no.42, vol.22, no.1, 2000
Collation: p. 97-115 ;

Abstract: Every Pacific Island country has experienced and benefited from aid projects. Nabobo examines one such project in Fiji, an Australian project which helped to make it possible to train teachers for the lower secondary level in order to ease the situation in the early 1990s of a dire shortage of teachers. Her article discusses some issues arising from the project that might have relevance for similar projects in the region.

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