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First year teachers

Title: Motivation to join primary teaching profession: the case of Fiji

Author: Lingam, Govinda Ishwar
Subject:  Teaching|Vocational guidance
 First year teachers
 Motivation in education
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.26, no.1, 2004
Collation: 70-81;

Abstract: The study reported here focuses on motivations for joining the teaching profession. In particular, motives of the entrants joining the primary teaching force were investigated. The trainees at Lautoka Teachers. College in Fiji responded to a questionnaire aimed at identifying their motives for choosing primary teaching as a career. Analysis of the results indicated that a large percentage of trainee teachers enrolled at the College were genuinely interested in becoming a teacher, and that a small percentage of them did not consider teaching as their career choice. The paper also discusses implications pertinent to student selection at the College.

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Title: If the cap fits, wear it : a paradigm of philosophic equipment for beginning teachers

Author: Miller, Laurence R.
Subject:  Effective teaching
 First year teachers
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.10, no.2, 1988
Collation: p. 82-87 ;

Abstract: [ Abstract not available ]

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