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Language and education

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Title: Language community attitudes and their implications for the maintenance and promotion of the Tongan language

Author: Taufe'ulungaki, 'Ana Maui
Subject:  Language and education|Tonga
 Education, Bilingual|Tonga
 Native language and education|Tonga
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies no.30, vol.16, no.1, 1994
Collation: p. 84-108 ;

Abstract: This article is a valuable summary of Dr Taufe’ulungaki’s doctoral thesis research. It is a crucial discussion, not only for language planners throughout the Pacific region, but also for anyone concerned with bilingual issues generally. The article is somewhat rare for Directions, as it reports and reflects on research carried out by a Pacific Island researcher. We firmly believe that the more such research and commentaries we have, the more we can fully tap the store of traditional knowledge, a process which will surely enhance cultural democracy in education, as sought by Konai Helu Thaman.

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