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TitleInvitation to another world : literacy in the Pacific
AuthorMangubhai, Francis
SubjectLanguage and education|Oceania
AbstractThis paper discusses whether the claimed advantages of literacy are automatically bestowed upon the literate, or whether literacy is only an intervening variable, with social variables likely to be more important factors that determine which aspects of literacy are incorporated into the social practices of any society. It begins by briefly looking at a history of literacy generally, before outlining the beginnings of literacy in the Pacific, and more particularly in Fiji. It discusses the types of literate behaviours that are currently observable in the Fiji/Pacific societies. It argues that literacy at the ‘higher level’ is an invitation to all, including Pacific peoples, to participate in other worlds.
Volume/YearDirections: Journal of Educational Studies no.32, vol.17, no.1, 1995
Collationp. 3-20 ;
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