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School sports

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Pacific Area

Title: The Fiji secondary school sports and physical education status quo and its importance to tertiary curriculum development

Author: Dorovolomo, Jeremy
Subject:  Curriculum planning|Fiji
 School sports|Pacific Area
 Physical education and training|Study and teaching|Fiji
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.27, no.2, 2005
Collation: 37-46;

Abstract: This study examined status quo of physical education and sport in secondary schools in Fiji and the level of confidence in the delivery of the Ministry of Education prescription, as well as issues that affect tertiary curriculum development in this area. Physical educators in 21 secondary schools filled in a questionnaire and three of the respondents were interviewed. The researchers visited schools and made field notes. Responses and field notes were coded for curriculum delivery, external connectivity and influence on curriculum development. Data analysis showed that all sampled secondary schools profess to have physical education, intramural, and inter-school sports; physical education teachers yearn for connectivity, particularly external connectivity; and they strongly support the development of the degree major in the University of the South Pacific.

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