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Caricatures and cartoons

Title: What's in a picture? : the interpretation of cartoons by secondary school students in Fiji

Author: Schultz, Roland F.
Subject:  Language and languages|Study and teaching|Audio-visual aids
 Caricatures and cartoons
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies no.31, vol.16, no.2, 1994
Collation: p. 57-66 ;

Abstract: The following report is based on a pilot study conducted in a boys’ secondary school in Suva, Fiji. The study sets out to discover whether common literary devices are recognised by students when presented in the form of cartoons, and whether there appears to be a relationship between any such recognition and a student’s achievement in secondary school English. Although it reports what is an exploratory study and the number involved (N=40) is small, the curriculum development and teaching implications of the findings, if shown to be widespread, are important.

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