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Children's writings, English

Title: Authoring isn't telling : from story to text in early literacy development

Author: Bechervaise, Neil E.
Subject:  Literacy programs
 Children's writings, English
 Child authors
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies no.32, vol.17, no.1, 1995
Collation: p. 81-95 ;

Abstract: In this paper, the author explores some of the complexities of the emergent capacity of the early childhood author – for whom the task of literary authorship is complicated by the need to adhere to authorial convention. For whom, furthermore, the very task of committing the story to paper is a rock road pitted with syntactic rules and strewn with spelling and grammatical protocols. For this author, moreover, the very structuring of letters within aword is complicated by the need for delineation between varying and various type-faces and school-valorised writing script. This paper, then, is an exploration of some of the possibilities arising from the story of The Mystrey Voto.

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