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Church and education in Oceania

Title: An opinion piece: re-thinking educational reform in the pacific

Author: Puamau, Priscilla Qolisaya
Subject:  Church and education in Oceania
 Educational change
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.26, no.1, 2004
Collation: 21-41;

Abstract: This paper argues for a specific emphasis to be placed on a subjective and spiritual approach to be taken to educational reform when interrogating education in the Pacific. As part of taking a more holistic approach, the spiritual development.heart and soul knowledge.of students should not be neglected. This would be in line with the .learning to be. pillar of learning advocated by the Delors Repot commissioned by UNESCO. The paper suggests that cultural and spiritual values of each Pacific country should underpin reform of education in the Pacific

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