Directions: Journal of Educational Studies Pacific Curriculum Network
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Early childhood educators

Title: The way forward for ECCE in Pacific Island countries

Author: Camaitoga, Ufemia
Subject:  Early childhood educators
 Early childhood education|Oceania
 PRIDE Project (Fiji)
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.29, no.1-2, 2007
Collation: 10 -16;

Abstract: Chapter 11 of Pacific Education Series Book 5: Early childhood care and education in the Pacific, edited by Priscilla Puamau and Frances Pene. As critical friend to the regional workshop on ECCE co-organised by the Pacific Regional Initiatives for the Delivery of basic Education (PRIDE) Project and held in Solomon Islands in 2007, the author critically discusses the presentations at the workshop and puts forward her own ideas about strategies for future action.

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