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Affirmative action programs

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Title: Education and indigenous Fijians : challenges, the year 2000 and beyond

Author: Nabobo-Baba, Unaisi
Subject:  Academic achievement|Fiji
 Affirmative action programs|Fiji
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies no.44, vol.23, no.1, 2001
Collation: p. 56-74 ;

Abstract: Over the four decades or so since the 1969 Education Commission, Fijian education has become a major issue, not only amongst Fijians but also in the nation as a whole. The need to address issues pertaining to the education of Fijians cannot be overemphasised. Baba (1983) points out that peaceful coexistence of all races in Fiji, as well as national development, depends on how this significant issue is addressed by the government of the day and other stakeholders. Indeed, the extent to which Fijians are educated may determine how well they can exist in a modern economy. Education is now widely acknowledged by Fijians as the vehicle to modernity. The performance of Fijians in public examinations has been adversely compared to the performance of Indo-Fijians and other ethnic groups. There is an obvious need to scrutinise the reasons for this. Also, the nature of external examinations needs scrutiny. A brief discussion of both is provided in the paper.

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