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Educational leadership

Title: Solomon Islands principalship: roles perceived, performed, preferred and expected

Author: Houma, Stanley, Sanga, Kabini F.
Subject:  Educational leadership
 School principals|Solomon Islands
 Education, Secondary|Solomon Islands
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.26, no.1, 2004
Collation: 55-69;

Abstract: This article provides a profile of the Solomon Islands secondary school principal. The article argues that the principal, as profiled, cannot be fairly expected to perform effectively as a school leader, as proposed in the academic literature. The article ends by lauding Solomon Islands principals for providing school leadership in spite of overwhelming odds.

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Title: A context-sensitive approach to educational aid

Author: Sanga, Kabini F.
Subject:  Educational planning
 Educational leadership
 Educational assistance
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.25, no.1-2, 2003
Collation: 28-39;

Abstract: This paper argues that the approach to educational aid must be sensitive to underlying fundamental contextual considerations within the communities aided. In Pacific Islands countries, these relate to weak leadership and, consequently, a lack of clear national vision and plan for education. This paper discusses the Re-thinking Pacific Education Initiative, its context-sensitive approach and its areas of innovation, significance and challenge

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Title: Educational planning in the Pacific a way forward

Author: Fua, Seu'ula Falelalava J.
Subject:  Educational leadership
 PRIDE Project (Fiji)
 Educational planning|Oceania
Volume: Directions: Journal of Educational Studies vol.28, no.1-2, 2006
Collation: 39 - 55;

Abstract: Chapter 9 of Pacific Education Series Book 1: Educational Planning in the Pacific: principles and guidelines, edited by Priscilla Puamau and G.R. (Bob) Teasdale. As critical friend of the Pacific Regional Initiatives for the Delivery of Basic Education (PRIDE) regional workshop on educational planning held in 2004 in Fiji, the author discusses some of the important issues that arose in the course of the workshop and suggests that research into leadership, administration, organisations and planning will help in making decisions for the future.

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